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Description:Aflas o-rings combines the chemical and oil resistance of Viton with the steam resistance of EPDM and often used in oil drilling and deep earth applications.

Aflas is a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and propylene with a fluorine content of approximately 67%.This material is unique due to its resistance to petroleum products,steam,and phosphate-esters.In some respects it exhibits media compatibility properties similar to ethylene propylene and fluorocarbon,but the compression set resistance at high temperatures is inferior to standard fluorocarbons.

Aflas,also known as TFE/P rubber,provides improved chemical resistance to a wide spectrum of automotive fluids and additives.It is resistant to motor oils of all types,engine coolants with high level of rust inhibitors,extreme pressure (EP) gear lubricants,transmission and power steering fluids,and all types of brake fluids including mineral oil,and silicone oil.TFE/P is ideal for heat transfer media,amines,acids and bases,as well as hot water and steam up to +170C.Aflas is finding interest for seal applications requiring petroleum resistance,steam and amine resistance such as those applications encountered in the petroleum industry.

Aflas o-rings provide excellent chemical,heat and steam resistance.Aflas o-rings are typically used instead of FKM for improved resistance to bases,amines,sour gasses,H2S steam, and radiation.Aflas o-rings are most often used in oil exploration,drilling,biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries ddue to its excellent steam and H2S resistance.The compression set of Aflas o-rings is not as good as many fluorocarbons,but it is resistant to motor oils and engine coolants,power steering fluids,brake fluids,transmission fluids,and extreme pressure gear lubricants.

AFLAS O-Rings Material Characteristics:
Standard hardness: 70 Shore A
Hardness range: 60-90 Shore A
Temperature Range:  -30C to 175C
Standard colors: black, other colors can also be customized
Sizes: Both standard sizes and customized sizes are available

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